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Linkin Park’s song ‘Not Alone’


Composed and recorded by American rock band Linkin Park, Not Alone was the 21st single released by the band from their first compilation album – ‘Download to Donate for Haiti’. Officially released on 21st October, 2011, it was the opening single in the compilation album. Over 115,000 downloads was recorded when the single was released on 19th January 2010. Being the most successful single the band had ever recorded, the song was used to raise funds for the Haiti Earthquake victims to the tune of $148,350. After hit single ‘A Light That Never Comes’, Linkin Park’s fourth most successful promotional single.

The main objective of the ‘Not Alone’ single was first of all to show that humanity comes before anything and secondly to raise a relief fund which was hugely achieved. It was indeed an effort to launch aid to a nation that experienced a 7.0 magnitude earthquake which specifically hit Port-au- Prince on January 12. A foundation Music for Relief was founded on hinges of the ‘Not Alone’ single. This awakened the consciousness in other artists like Jack Johnson, Metric, The Crystal Method and Weezer to also donate to the cause Even though it’s not one of their best singles; it was for a noble cause and will still linger in the hearts of the survivors of the Haiti earthquake, likewise other disasters the world has experienced.

Music Video

On March 2, 2010, the video which was directed by Billy Boyd was released on MySpace, YouTube and ITunes. The video scenes included footages of the wreck and remnants left after the Haitian Earthquake, other scenes showed how people survived the disaster including the dead and those who were badly injured. The video also featured a studio session scene were the rock band were recording for their compilation album; the band’s bassist Dave ‘Phoenix Farrell was on the guitar, Chester Bennington did the vocals, Rob Bourdon was on the drums, Joe Hann was handling the synthesizers and turntables while Brad Delson and Mike Shinoda were the song composers.  An advertisement of the compilation album was dropped at the end of the video.


The intro was heart rending and touching, Chester Bennington gave out his best vocals even though he performed less compared to Out Of Ashes and Minutes to Midnight. Over $3 million had been raised overtime by the rock band for victims of disasters all over the globe after the initial $148,350 that was raised for Haiti victims. And their tree planting project had succeeded in cultivating over 810,000 trees towards reducing Global Warming. Mike Shinoda was quoted saying ‘Even if you can’t donate, spread the word’.

The song had its roots from the electronic elements in the band’s fourth studio album which was originally recorded by Rick Rubin and Mike Shinoda. It was the one and only single in the compilation album even though it was later included in the Download to Donate to Haiti V2.0 album which was birthed as a result of the 2011 Tohoku Tsunami and Earthquake.


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